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Meet the StoryTellers

Miss Gadish and her friends were all created to entertain and accompany children through their interactive library experience. Each character has their own history, voice and personality, and the one thing they all share is their passion for stories and books…

miss gadish
magical library host
The magical rhyming Miss Tzipi Gadish is the daughter of a famous magical nanny and a stay-at-home sorcerer.
She loves to read and tell stories more than anything, and her lifelong dream was to create a space that would help connect her entire community through stories. When she grew up she converted her home into a library where everyone is always welcome; no matter what shape, color, size or species.
Now, she truly hopes that by digitally expanding her library, her community can expand as well.
Whatever the hour, she is always happy to see you, so what are you waiting for?
professor tuki
know-it-all co-host
Professor Tuki is an African grey parrot who never quite fit in with the other birds.
His thirst for knowledge and curiosity led him to the Library of Miss Gadish one day. He loved listening to stories, but was not able to enjoy them on his own as he did not know how to read.
Miss Gadish began teaching the Professor to read, and early on realized that the only thing holding him back was that he needed glasses. With his new spectacles, Professor Tuki not only learned to read, but went on to graduate top of his class from a prestigious university.
In spite of finding fame and fortune, his favorite spot remains in the library, next to his best friend Miss Gadish.

EB the Cowboy Spider
EB the Spider is the one and only rodeo librarian in the entire world!
He is always there waiting on the bookshelf to help us choose a story to read.
Born and raised in South Texas, the cowboy capital, EB's love of words and books was etched in his DNA; maybe it has something to do with his famous great aunt, Charlotte...
Though his love of ranch life is strong, he knew he was finally home within the first minute he arrived to the library years ago.
book keeper
Maggie the Magnifying Glass
A quiet but very important member of the Miss Gadish family, Maggie the Magnifying glass is the key that lets us into the bookcase to view and choose a story.
One tap on her glass zooms us right through the library and straight to EB the spider and the entire book collection for a closer look.
the key to entering the bookcase
theo the lion
Theo the Lion is the first character encountered when arriving to the library.
He has been part of the library since it's conception, and is a loyal friend and guardian.
His first test of a visitor's worthiness is that they must knock, only then does he even bother to wake up and decide whether or not to open the door...
guardian doorknocker
jimmy the chest
Jimmy the chest, is the always happy, and a bit clumsy, treasure chest who has absolutely no control of the magic inside of him.
He never knows when a surprise guest might pop out, or if he just needs to release some gas; either way he keeps everyone smiling and on their toes.
magical treasure chest
walt the dinosaur
Walt is an old history buff, who always sees the glass as "half empty". He thinks he is smarter than everyone and enjoys making fun of everyone and everything surrounding him - especially his wife Shelly, who is the only one who knows how to answer him back, though he would never admit that to be true.
But underneath his sourpuss and complaining, he is a big softy who loves "hanging out" in the library and listening to stories.
old grouchy triceratops head
shelly the dinosaur
An extinct T-Rex who was quite the catch in her day and would never be caught in public view without her lipstick, earrings and lashes on.
Shelly has been stuck in her share of tar, but never lost her smile and sense of humor through the years and is a real "people dinosaur."
She is the ‘ying’ to Walter’s ‘yang’, and is the only one who knows how to 'put Walt in his place'.

"fancy lady" t-rex head
toc the dog
Toc is a type-A miniature Dachshund who lives in a cuckoo clock.
Though born and bred in Germany, Toc knows how to count and tell time in over 11 different languages fluently.
He keeps everyone in the library on-point and on-time, and makes sure to tell us all when "it's time for a story."
keeper of the time