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Press & Testimonials

Thank you all so much –  you are making us blush!


“Virtual libraries are an essential part of the future for children’s learning and will continue to grow as more educators, school administrators, and parents realize the value of gamification and benefits of leveraging digital platforms for enhanced learning opportunities.  The faster everyone realizes that this type of platform and the gamification elements make learning fun and, therefore, more engaging, the better our education structure can become for developing well-educated generations that enjoy learning and who are geared to continual learning for the rest of their lives.”  

– Brian Rashid,  Forbes



“That’s what has led to the development of the Library of Miss Gadish, a digital library of interactive books that encourage reading in a format that these new generations are used to and love working within. The vision was to create a magical world that would encourage young people to escape back into books and imaginative learning as their parents and grandparents had once done through physical libraries and children’s television programs.”  

– Richard Lorenzen, Huffington Post



“It’s almost better than the libraries of old because no child has to wait for that once-a-week drive in the car or walk to the library. Instead, the power is in their hands to read as much as they want and come back for more just as fast as they can finish, increasing the amount of reading time and encouraging each child to linger a bit longer while they consider what to read next. Plus, research shows that children enjoy stories more in their physical form when they have been able to engage in the story in a real way digitally; it only enhances their affinity for the story or book.”

-Peter Daisyme, The Next Web

the next web


“Clearly there is an appetite for digital technology among children. But how do we harness this technology to encourage our young to start reading more books and expanding their creativity?One way may be through apps such as the recently launched Library of Miss Gadish. Created by US entrepreneur Tali Gadish, it’s a virtual library where children can go and meet various characters including Miss Gadish who is the librarian (see picture above), Theo the Lion who is custodian of the library, a know-it-all parrot named Professor Tuki and EB the Cowboy Spider.”

– Chris Price, ShinyShiny



“This week we’ve been taking a trip to a library with a very modern twist and we don’t even need to get the bus there, or worry about late fees. The Library of Miss Gadish is a new interactive iPad app with a virtual library stocked with children’s stories and staffed by some very quirky characters, including Miss Gadish, a door knocker lion and a cowboy spider.”

– Gillian Crawshaw, A Baby On Board