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Meet the team
There are so many people involved in this "project of passion", the list goes on and on... A special thanks to our board of advisers, teachers and psychologists involved who ensure we are always on the right path. And of course thank you to our amazing team who continuously experience many sleepless nights to make sure every 'i' is dotted and 't' is crossed - literally and figuratively.
The Creator
Tali K. Gadish
Mr. 3D Animation
Regev Gamliel
The Sound
Zohar Zaltz
The Technology
Evgeny Golubov
The Story Animator
Ben Swallow
The Story Animator
Guy Garfunkel
The Story Animator
Thinh Ngo
The Story Animator
Dana Dranov
The Story Animator
Mallory Ruesch
The Voices
Reuven Miller
The Music
Ori Schlesinger
The Voices
Michael Harpaz