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How it works
getting to know us:
Download the app for FREE from the app store or google play and the Miss Gadish library friends will be waiting to greet you along with a complete story bundle already included
Then download a second story bundle of your choice for FREE in exchange for a simple email registration to the library
Add new story bundles to your library collection according to your pace and desire.
Enjoy, learn, play and read!
Important note: purchasing of stories is individual so that each user can fill their library at a pace that they can enjoy and develop (rather than offering hundreds of stories all at once and overwhelming the child) along with allowing the guardian/parent to choose the story bundles which exist in the customized library collection.
Plus, you own the app and story bundle forever without having to renew any subscription model.
  • The user’s name (or any name) is typed into the scroll
  • The user is greeted personally by the library “gate keeper”, Theo the Lion doorknocker. Theo opens the door to the library and the user is welcomed by the 2 main hosts, Professor Tuki and Miss Gadish, who will interact, answer questions, and hold the user’s hand throughout their entire experience.
  • Miss Gadish and Professor Tuki introduce the user to the different areas of the library, the different characters and how to navigate through the different interfaces while the user is in each space.
  • EB the cowboy Spider librarian meets the user on the bookshelf once Maggie the Magnifying glass is touched, and helps the user choose a story to read.
  • The user accumulates stars with every time they read a story through or add a new story to their collection.  The stars are all collected in the user’s own individual “star planet” which the user can check out at anytime while on the app.
  • Story characters come to visit the library as well through our lovable Jimmy the Chest.  One can never know who or what will pop out from him and it allows the user to be introduced to new story characters they might have otherwise missed while keeping them on their toes.
  • Whether it’s a helping Jean eat the right color foods after reading Dry Pasta & Toast, enjoying brushing your teeth with singing Turtles after reading Turtle Teeth, or counting sheep after reading The Boy Who Never Sleeps; Each story opens up a new world visually and cognitively through intellectual and entertaining content along with various types of artwork which is brought to life in a completely interactive way.
  • Just see for yourself…