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Welcome Educators!

We know you are just as passionate about teaching our youth as we are – even more!  The best way to teach a child is through fun, when children enjoy learning, it builds a strong educational foundation for the rest of their life.  We have been working with schools, teachers and psychologists throughout the development of our library to ensure that it’s fun for students and approved by professionals.

Learning should be fun first!
  • Our library characters and content are fully interactive, and have been designed to keep children completely engaged.
  • The content is handpicked to ensure that each story has a valuable message.
  • All games and special features are designed to emphasize the lesson, moral or life-skills taught by the story.
  • Constant new additions to the library and stories keeps children on their toes and consistently excited to come and visit.
  • The stories, games and interactive features are enjoyed on an individual basis, but also adapt well to group learning, allowing kids to enjoy them in a group learning setting.
  • The interactive stories are created so that our child becomes an essential part of the story and active participant.  Listening and speech skills are sharpened, and simple lessons such as color identification and learning the names of animals are included in each story.
Want to hear why professionals love us?
Here is what some of your peers have to say:
"I love it. This magnificent world brings stories to life in the most magical way. The interactive world of Miss Gadish intrigues children's imagination and introduces books in a 21st century feel."
- Carmen Olivier Gryn - Founder of Pattern Recognition Therapy
"I love the way in which content is made available and is structured so that children, parents or teachers can grow the collection of stories on a customized basis at the child's own pace, preventing a situation in which a child is overwhelmed by too much content."
- Anita Steinfeld - Elementary School Teacher and ESL Tutor

If you are an educator, we want to hear from you! What do you like, and how we can improve?

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