As Father’s Day is approaching, and in a society where it’s been accepted that many who are labelled ‘Father’ are basically glorified sperm donors; I want to take this time to say thank you to all those who are truly deserving of the title in any shape or form they may come.  Including my own dad and ‘the daddy’ of my children.

I will admit that I have taken my “baby daddy” for granted more than once, and even more so, have used him as a personal punching bag on a few occasions.  We have been through some tough times, but his obvious love for his children has never wavered – as it shouldn’t.

Is he perfect?  NO, no, no, not even close.

But is anybody?

Could there be improvements?  YES, yes, yes, many.

But is there someone that couldn’t use some improvements?  I wouldn’t want to see the list on me…

So in the words of Chris Rock, thank you to the “daddy’s that take care of their business”, this one’s for you…


For getting up and going to work every day, thank you.

For trying so hard, even when you are not successful, thank you.

For being there for us all, when it really counts, thank you.

For being someone we can depend on and trust completely, thank you.

For being someone that is stubborn, yet less stubborn than we are, thank you.

For being able to rise above and apologize when “we” can’t, thank you.

For breathlessly running next to each child as you teach them to ride a bike, thank you.

For loving your children so unconditionally and always seeing them as ‘the best’, thank you.

For being so honest, even when it stings, thank you.

For giving up control and yet taking control when needed, thank you.

For always being there to hug and cuddle, anytime and anywhere, thank you.

For all those times we needed a friend or a hand-to-hold, thank you.

For all those times you stayed strong when we fell apart, thank you.

For all those times you have done the heavy lifting, both literally and figuratively, thank you.

For all those nights you read bed times stories and give goodnight kisses, thank you.

For being our real-life superhero, thank you.

And on a very personal note, for lighting a match after you use the restroom, thank you.


We love you, and thank you for loving us!

happy father day