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A Fish Story
All Hank wanted for his birthday was a fish tank with 10 different kinds of fish, and he got it!  But was it just his imagination or were the fish disappearing everyday that went by?  And where were they disappearing to?
Will QT ever use her fork and not her hands to eat her dinner?  What does she have against utensils anyway? It seems that no matter how old she gets, and no matter how much her family begs, regardless of what she eats, she uses her hands and ignores the utensils laid out next to her... Will QT or her family finally just give in?    
Dry Pasta & Toast
Jean won't eat ANYTHING but dry pasta and toast.  She won't even taste anything else to see if she might like it. Things are going fine for her at first, though everyone else seems to be making a fuss, but as she gets older it starts to get in her way a bit. Will Jean finally try to eat something else?
My Mommy Is A Dragon
Sometimes, my mom turns into a fire-breathing dragon, it's pretty cool too.  She seems like a regular woman, but if you look closely enough, you can see some clues. It mostly happens when she gets angry that she can't hide her true dragon-self anymore - though I don't understand why she gets so mad, it's not like my brothers and I ever do anything that would provoke her...
The Peacock King
Sometimes all you need is right there with you the entire time, and you only realize it when it's too late. If only the Farmer appreciated real love while it was there, rather then taking it for granted and only realizing it's significance when it was gone.
The Fisherman & His Wife
There is a fine line between ambition and greed, and in this life it's important that we learn to enjoy the things we already have rather then always wanting what we don't... Just ask the Fisherman and his Wife...
Hansel & Gretel
A revised version of this classic German tale, about 2 siblings who wander off and get lost in the woods; and their adventure to find their way back home.
Bad Boy
Have you ever been labelled as something by others and didn't think you could change things?  Well, this is a story about a boy, who did a few "bad things" and became known as a "bad boy", and even when he secretly wanted to try and be 'good', he didn't know how to start or if people would even let him...
Why are we scared of the word "different"? Wouldn't it be boring if everyone was exactly the same? A twist on a classic story, The Ugly Duckling shows us just how beautiful being different can and should be.