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About Miss Gadish

The Library of Miss Gadish is a fully interactive children’s story app which aims to hold the world of children’s stories and digital ‘edutainment’ to a new standard. New and exciting surprises come out of every corner, from both stories and library itself; allowing the child to be constantly engaged and parents to feel better about their child’s screen time.

our mission
StoryTime 4Ever!
Story time is an essential part of a child’s development, helping improve and encourage reading, speaking, imagination and creativity. It should be fun, available to all children and will never go out of style.
Reaching New Heights!
By using the digital platform to its fullest, it becomes a positive tool in enriching children's lives. With this app it can now deliver fully interactive content that is both entertaining and educational.
Quality wins!
In a time of ADHD and ‘always on’ entertainment, The ‘Library of Miss Gadish’ stands for quality first in every aspect of the stories and app.
what we offer
  • New and classic favorite stories, all with completely interactive illustrations that are brought to life and allow the user to be a part of the story.
  • A “story time land” which enables children to visit whenever desired, independently, without requiring adult help.
  • Games and stories which are entertaining as well as having strong educational values.
  • A safe place where a child feels surrounded by friends that he/she can interact with and can trust; while a parent can feel that their child’s digital playtime is enriching.
  • A promise of depth and quality for each character, story, game and all app content.
  • Each story book has its own unique artwork and comes in a full bundle, including: an autoplay version of the story, a fully interactive version and a special feature (a game or original song, or activity)
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